If this title alone didn’t spark any thoughts in your mind I don’t know what would.  The FBI has revealed that Kevin Wallin a Catholic Priest from Connecticut has been arrested for selling drugs out of his apartment last year.  See he’s not only a priest that banked $300,000 in methamphetamine sales last year, he also wanted to launder his money in the most unethical way possible for a Catholic priest.  Kevin decided to buy a sex toy shop, yes this was what he decided to own in order to clean his money up.  Now is this an act of stupidity or was the risk just adrenaline for him?  According to reports people viewed him as a compassionate priest, yet reports were rising claiming he was sexually active with men within the church.  He is 61-years-old and was a pastor in this particular church for 9 years.  Do you think it was the sexual, vice suppression that made him become a drug lord and buy a sex toy shop post-priesthood ?

Steph B