Israel Keyes was a serial killer that we can only imagine as a character in a movie. He flew many places and killed people all over the country all while going undetected. Until, he killed a young woman from his own area, Samantha Koeing. Once he was caught he admitted how he killed her, how he collected her ransom while she was already dead, and how long it took to strangle her. He spoke about all of this in a calm manner to police and according to reports seemed like he truly enjoyed what he had been doing all of this time. He spoke of his crimes as if they were his hobby and he in fact had to different personalities. He was so insane that when asked why he did all of this, he answered “why not?” He showed no remorse for the anonymous murders he committed and after admitting he did so, he took all of his secrets to the grave with him. So authorities are struggling to find out facts, but he is the only one who knew of them.

Steph B