Four finalists from different seasons of “American Idol” have stepped forward on behalf of the show saying that the show isn’t racist at all. Melinda Doolittle, Vonzell Solomon, Taylor Hicks, and Casey Abrams have stepped forward to say that they never experienced any issue with racism while they were on the show. Each of the finalists were from different seasons and are shocked by the allegations made by nine former constants, one of them being Corey Clark. If you recall, Clark claimed to have an affair with former judge Paula Adbul so I’m pretty sure he’s just fame hungry. Read more below.

Julie A.

Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle, who is African American, said she never witnessed or experienced racism while she was on the show. She went on to say, “It is shocking to see such allegations. In my experience on the show, the ‘Idol’ team strives to champion everyone, regardless of race.”

Season 4 finalist Vonzell Solomon, who is also African American, stated, “I didn’t experience any of that all of our contracts were clear about how the background checks worked and that we could be disqualified if we lied about our past.”

Perhaps the nine people planning to sue AI had some form of issue with their background check or withholding information.