House Of Marley Headphones Logo
Not the Loud pack Meek Spoke about in House Party, But Def a Very interesting Loud Pack, A line of Head phones represented at CES, and If you follow My IG, then you should have known this was coming, hit the read more, see the Prices I found out, then scroll through the Gallery to see what this Line looks like!!!

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While at CES in LV, I found out “House Of Marley” will have 3 diff things for sale in the way of Audio:

In Ear(buds) that will range from $29.99-$99.99
Not a bad price range at all, def giving you a choice!!!

On Ear(HeadPhones) that will range from $59.99-$299.99
I really like the HP’s I saw, some of the canvas/cloth looked so Comfortable, and when I was able to put them on they were comfortable and sounded Great, Personally I’m not sure which were low priced, and which were high priced, so I assumed the price diff comes with how it’s put together!!!!

Audio Systems, which range fro $59-$799
Now I didn’t test an audio system, or take any pics, only thing I got was a Price

but Much Respect to the Marley(Rohan) on scene showing this is NOT a rip off of the Name, and Officially down With Bob’s Legacy!!!! Go ahead and Check out the Gallery!!!