Now I see why formula 1 races are mainly held in other parts of the world outside of the U.S. You gotta have a really strong racing fanbase to explain the money that is spent on bringing a F1 race to your city, and even though there are a few F1 races in the U.S. each year, I would not consider the states a strong fanbase for it. According to leaked documents from a newspaper in Australia, it could cost on average, anywhere between $31-37 Million dollars to host a race. Meaning the city hosting the event is actually paying F1 for the priveledge. So where does F1 come out of pocket?? The documents also show that taxpayers are the ones who are left holding the bill when races come to town. Sounds kind of grimey to me, but like I said, if you have a rabid fanbase for anything in general, usually it wont cause much of an uproar. Hit the link after the jump to see more.


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