So Twitter launched it’s Vine option last Thursday but one social Network they did forget about is Tumblr. And because there is no native you share your Vine videos on Tumblr does’nt mean you cant put the videos up on your Tumblr page. After the break see how you can actually embed the video.

Upload Directly To Tumblr
If you want to share your Vine on Tumblr, one of the easiest ways is to just upload it directly to your Tumblr from your iOS device using Tumblr’s app.

Every Vine you create is automatically saved to the camera roll on your device. To upload to Tumblr:

Launch the Tumblr app on your phone

Create a new post

Select video from the options

Choose existing video

Select the Vine you’d like to upload from the video clips stored on your phone

Vine videos shared this way will just play through once rather than loop. To get that looped effect, you can import the video clip into your favorite mobile video editor (Splice is a good example, but there are many others) and copy it several times, laying the copies down on the timeline, one after another. Once you’ve reached your desired length, export the video and upload it just as you would a traditional video through Tumblr.

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If you don’t have a video editor on your phone, you can email the clip to yourself from your phone’s Photo Library and edit it on your computer instead.

Embed a Tweet
Embedding a tweet on Tumblr is the easiest way to share the looped version of your Vine. To embed a tweet:

Share your Vine on Twitter

Go to

Click on the More button on the tweet associated with your Vine

Select Embed Tweet

Copy the code generated by Twitter and add it to a post on Tumblr

If you don’t want to share all your Vines through your own Twitter stream but want the ability to embed them, consider creating a Twitter account just for your Vines. Once you tweet them, you’ll be able to copy/paste tweets or links to your Vine from your special account to your main account fairly easily, and you won’t pollute your traditional Twitter stream.

Upload To Your Favorite Video Service
iOS devices offer the ability to upload video clips directly from your Photo Library to YouTube.


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