* 1/28/13 – 3:29pm A few arrests have been made in connection with the fire that took 230+ lives early Sunday morning. A band that was playing the the club named, Gurizada Fandangueira launched fireworks that exploded into the venue’s foam soundproofing and ignited the fast-moving flames. Co-owner of the club, Elissandro Spohr, as well as the band’s lead singer and a security chief for the group were the ones to arrested for the crime. Lead singer of the band, Marcelo Santos was arrested while attending the wake for bandmate Danilo Jacques, the group’s accordion player who perished in the fire. Sad, but they deserve to be locked under the jail for such stupidity. Drop down for more and check the gallery for additional photos.
[NY Daily News]

* 1/28/13 – 12:27am More photos from inside the Brazilian club fire.

This is a crazy and sad tragedy. More than 230 party-goers died last night during a fire in Brazil. Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria showed the scene of death.
Putting the fire out lasted until the wee hours of the morning with family members shedding tears over their loved ones. Bodies were scattered everywhere and the deaths were primarily caused by smoke inhalation and being stomped on by other party-goers trying to escape the flames. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined. Check out the gallery and hit the jump for the video.


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