Sheesh! You think things would’ve died down since Sunday night’s drama, but from the looks of it — it may have just started! Chris swears he didn’t do anything wrong and now he wants to talk to the police about the Frank Ocean brawl. The thing is, he left the scene before cops got there the other night… so they basically had to go strictly based on what Frank said. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, claims Chris is 100% ready to talk to the cops and let them know detail for detail cause he knows he’s innocent. TMZ claims that Geragos’ team has the surveillance video of the last part of the fight, and Chris kept calm — not even throwing one punch at Frank. But we come to find out, the video also proves Frank is clear from trouble, cause he didn’t make any hits at all. Bad thing for Chris, they can’t even base it solely just on the video surveillance is lawyer had! The fight started in the parking lot where there were no cameras or witnesses. So we can’t even prove who started it. While Chris claims he didn’t make one move, a witness says Chris started the whole thing! Oh and if you’re wondering why Chris just booked it instead of waiting for the cops like he should’ve, his lawyer had given him the strictest instructions in the past. If he ever got into a sticky situation, he MUST flee the scene immediately. So dramatic!!!!!

Biz Baby