Ohhh the cameras were rolling?!  Whoopsie!  Really though…you’re at the Super Bowl and you’re still talking about Tim Tebow?!  Oh how ESPN loves some Tebow. SMH.  Gotta love caught on tape moments…

According to Deadspin:

When a director cut from a live Colin Kaepernick media day presser to Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth casually discussing the lack of prospects for a possible “tight end or H-back.” (Further clues they were talking about Tebow include Schlereth mentioning he’d talked to Broncos coaches about it.)


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Transcript via YahooSports:

Storm: The what?

Schlereth: It’s like a tight-end/h-back?

Storm: Oh yeaaaah. Well that’s interesting.

Schlereth: But I’m going to tell you. I talked to a bunch of Broncos coaches who said ‘I just don’t know if he’s a fluid enough athlete to go over and play tight end … they say he doesn’t catch the ball naturally either

Storm: Well if that’s the case. Ohh. (hears producer in ear piece) OK, OK. Sure, sure.

Producer: “OK, standby guys.”