For whatever reason, some people support George Zimmerman and have sent him hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations since he killed Trayvon Martin last year. But he’s already blown through it ALL and he’s looking for more! SMH! Details below.

Marisa Mendez

“The case is out of money,” his attorney Mark O’Mara said. The defense cannot move forward, for example retain needed experts, without more cash, he said.

He had $300,000 of donations all together, but it’s now down to $5000. O’Mara posted on his website that he and Zimmerman need about $30,000 a month. He also broke it down that George and his wife have spent more than $61,000 of the money on living expenses and $95,000 given to bail bondsmen, while his attorneys have yet to be paid.

Source: GG via OS