You would expect a supercar that cost $379,000 to pretty much be faster than any other sportscar under that price tag, but sorry Lexus, that is not what happened. Car and Driver tested cars from 5 different categories based on pricing. LL1 for cars costing no more than $29,999 up to LL5 for cars costing over $240,000. The Lexus LFA was the only car in the LL5 category this time, but when put head to head with a Ferrari 458 Italia, which at $239,000 was in the category below, the LFA came up short against that sexy dancing horse. Do not get it twisted however, the LFA is still a seriously dope supercar that anyone of us which we could have. But something about Ferrari over the years just continues to exceed expectations. Check the video after the jump for more details and the actual racing.