Mac Miller

Just after he settles one lawsuit, now he may face another?! In 2011, Mac Miller had quite a lot of success with “Donald Trump,” a song he made about…what else? Money. “Take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump sh*t,” he raps on the track. “Look at all this money, ain’t that some sh*t?” Not only did the song bring him a gold plaque, but it also brought him the attention of the Donald…and he loved it! When the music video hit the 2 million mark on YouTube, Donald made a little video congratulating him, and even referred to him as the next Eminem! But somewhere along the line, things went south. More details below.

Marisa Mendez

In a recent ineteview with Complex, Mac apparently changed his tune about Donald, and called him a “d*ck,” amongst other things, adding that he doesn’t like anything he stands for. For the obvious reasons, this didn’t sit well with Donald. But it’s funny that it even got to his ears! That’s saying something good about Mac! Check out Donald’s response in the gallery. Mac has yet to reply.