The Game has been promoting an online petition to get a G-Unit reunion. Game was trying to get all five members of the crew back together for a reunion, which seemed like a great idea except one small problem: 50 Cent doesn’t speak to any of them any more. As you know, Fif had public beefs with Game and Buck throughout the years since G-Unit disbarred. Last week, Tony YaYo said that he would love to see a reunion, but only with the founding members of G-Unit whom are Banks, 50, and himself. 50 admitted a while ago that he no longer speaks to YaYo or Banks but they don’t really have beef. Fast forward to present time, fans got souped for a group reunion but 50 is ultimately the one who is calling all the shots and he recently addressed the reunion and the petition. Read what he said below.

Julie A.

50 told AOL’s The Boombox, “You’re not gonna get nothing back together. I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don’t give a f*ck what they talking about on a blog post.” Damn, 50! Looks like we won’t be seeing a full G-Unit reunion anytime soon, but maybe we’ll see something with all the other members sans the boss?