Master P at one time was running a Label that was just as popular as any label in History. Recently Master P spoke to HipHopDX about his attempt to sign TUPAC! We all know this deal obviously didn’t go down, but had it did, Master P and the No Limit Records legacy would be twice as impressive as it is already. See what Master P said after the jump!

Russ B
“[Tupac] was liking the movement of what we was doing,” explained P, “but we wasn’t fully there yet. … That was one little piece that I was looking at like, ‘You know what? This could be alright.’” He was then asked if Pac was interested in signing with his Label No Limit and P replied by saying “Everybody was interested in No Limit, I don’t think there was one person in the music business that wasn’t interested in being a part of that movement.”