9th Wonder
Black History Month is here and one of Hip Hops greats spoke on some of his most recent opinions relating to Black History Month. Grammy Winning Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder will be teaching a class at Harvard University on the history of Hip Hop as well as complete a research project entitled “These Are The Breaks” where he will examine the original records sampled on his ten favorite albums. 9th Wonder was asked about his opinions on colleges around the country embracing the genre of Hip Hop and he expressed that he’s disappointed in Black Colleges specifically for not doing so. Check out what he said after the jump!

Russ B
“It’s incredible to me that they don’t study [Hip Hop] at every Black college,” he said “I think that it’s just a sign of the times, man. It happened with Jazz. Jazz was studied somewhere else first. African-American studies was studied somewhere else first. At some point we have to break that cycle. There are some: Florida A&M, North Carolina A&T State University. And then you have some that don’t want that because they think that we’re gonna teach about what happened on BET last night.”