Frank Ocean released a statement yesterday saying he wouldn’t be pressing charges against Chris Brown for the fight they got into at a studio. Chris has since been cleared, by videotape, of any wrongdoing in the incident but Frank’s producer says that Chris tried to “beat the sh*t” of out Frank. Michael Uzowuru gave a detailed description of what happened and said that the fight did in fact begin over a parking spot. Uzowuru makes it seem like Chris and his boys jumped Frank, who he calls “Lonny.” At the end of his statement, Uzowuru said that he wishes the best for Chris, but I’m sure Frank doesn’t feel the same way. Read more below.

Julie A.

Uzowuru said that when he and Frank pulled up to the studio the lot was almost empty so they were surprised to find an orange Lambo parked in the spot visible marked for Frank. Uzowuru and Ocean parked in the spot next to the Lambo without a problem. Upon entering the building but before asking who’s car it was, Frank told the desk to have the car moved, then they asked who had the orange Lambo and the person responded with “Chris.” When Chris Brown emerged from his studio, he was with two other men one who was a bigger guy and a skinny guy. Chris approached Frank, asked him what was up, Frank told him to move from the spot, and Chris got close enough to shake his hand. At that moment, the bigger man that was with Chris punched one of Frank’s boys and Chris and the skinnier man started fighting Frank. Eventually Frank was thrown into a table with a candle display, which is how he cut his hand. According to Uzowuru, Chris’s boy held Frank cornered to the wall while Chris tried to “beat the sh*t out of him” but Frank fought back. Uzowuru said the fight stopped when he screamed “stop” and grabbed Frank to prevent more fighting. You can read all of his words and his feelings towards Chris on his blog.