Joe Budden, Kaylin Garcia & Tahiry

Things got a little crazy on Saturday night. We’ve all watched as exes Joe Budden and Tahiry work on their “friendship” on Love & Hip-Hop, meanwhile his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia stays out of their business and lets her man rock. Apparently Joe and Tahiry had a deep discussion recently, and he followed up with some texts to Tahiry…ones that are seemingly inappropriate for a man in a relationship. For whatever reason (perhaps she was irked?), Tah decided to put him on blast on Twitter after receiving the messages, and wanted to make sure Kaylin knew exactly what her man was up to. Ouch! Looks like it had no baring on their relationship, though, as both Kaylin and Joe’s tweets later show that they’re doing just fine! Watch the drama unfold in the gallery. Tahiry has since deleted her tweets.

Marisa Mendez