Have you ever wanted a car that could truly drive in water? You now have the chance……if you have $185,000 to start. A Volkswagen type 166 Schwimmwagen, that the Nazi’s literally used during WWII, is up for auction in Connecticut with a starting bid of $185,000. Even though anything that is usually associated with the Nazi’s is not looked upon favorably, this is a car collector’s dream. Read more after the jump.


There are only 163 of these cars left, with just 13 in original condition. The inside, and the majority of the traits are from the Volkswagen Beetle, with the outside a more rounded body to allow the truck to move through water easier like a boat. These were made to take a beating during the war, but when needed to float on water all it took was a couple changes to the crankshaft and just like that you were handling waves. Now it wasn’t used to drive through the ocean or float for miles and miles, but for crossing rivers and creaks during wartime it was perfect. This is definitely a piece of history that is up for grabs.