Chris Brown vs Frank Ocean

According to what Frank Ocean told police following his brawl with Chris Brown last week, someone in Breezy’s crew called him something not-so-nice considering that he came out of the closet last year…and then they threatened to shoot him! Get the details via the official police report below.

Marisa Mendez

Here’s Frank’s account of the story:

Chris went up to Frank and tried to shake his hand, but Frank refused because he was mad that Chris was in his parking spot. This got Chris mad, and he then proceeded to punch Frank in the face. Then two of Chris’ boys jumped in to help, pushed Frank in a corner and tried to kick him. He then “believes” he heard someone yell “faggot”…something that would then make this a hate crime because he’s openly bisexual. He said he doesn’t know who made the statement, though, so let’s not immediately jump down Chris’ neck! Then Chris allegedly threatened to shoot him, saying, “We can bust on you too!”

He suffered a cut to his right index finger and a cut on his left temple. He refused medical treatment on the scene but was later taken to a hospital. You can view the full report on his account of ithere.

Meanwhile, the D.A. is looking to drag Chris to jail for this and other reasons.