Damn Vick damn. New head coach, new QB?!  Some thought Michael Vick might stay with the Eagles after Chip Kelly was named head coach, but rumor has it Vick is out — by this Friday.
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According to Paul Jackiewicz at ProFootballZone:

During an appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning on Tuesday, ESPN’s John Clayton reported that it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles will release quarterback Michael Vick by Friday.

“It doesn’t sound like they’re going to try to renegoiate his contract and if that’s going to be the case he’ll be released,” said Clayton.  ”Now that doesn’t close the door for him trying to re-sign, but there’s no way they’re going to guarantee him $45.5 million over the next three years.  They still have a few days to reach out, but you kind of get the idea that the fact that Chip Kelly is still not in the position to make the decision on Michael Vick.  He’s sorting out the defensive coordinator position.  He’s sorting out a lot of different things in his coaching staff, and the big decision he’s going to have to make is what he’s going to do at quarterback.  It just doesn’t seem there’s enough time right now for him to be able to keep Vick under the current contract.  So come later this week on Friday it looks like he’ll be released, available to everyone else, including the Philadelphia Eagles.”