Joe Budden and Raekwon’s history is infamous. Back in early 2009, Joe Budden had done an interview where he took offense to not being in the top spot of a list of top rapper’s alive, and specifically called out Method Man for having such a high place on the list. Obviously this didn’t sit well with the Wu-Tang, and a few months later, Joey apologized for his comments while doing a vlog with Raekwon in Boston. However, he added some more comments that the Chef wasn’t feeling. “I’m done talking about the entire Method Man/ Slaughterhouse/ Wu-Tang everything,” he said in the video. “Joe Budden is washing his hands from this point forward. If anyone of them n*ggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is over and the no-comment movement is over.” Fast forward to Rock The Bells in Cali a few months later, and it went DOWN backstage. While Joe was streaming from his dressing room talking to fans, Rae and his boys came to the room, and he ended up punching Joe in the eye. Below, Rae discusses the incident in a new interview, and also shares how he feels about Joe almost 4 years later.

Marisa Mendez

The video of the altercation:

Source: Vlad TV