The “O.G.” has been locked away fora long time, so it’s no wonder why as soon as he hit the streets, he’s trying make this music thing work. Mystikal says, “When I came home after the fucking six years I passed the mirror and said, ‘What up, O.G.?’ And I had to stop. I said, ‘Lord, O.G. – oh, I’m an O.G. What the fuck?'”
Seems like he doesn’t plan on making a career change any more. He’s been putting in the hard work, time and effort.
As of last December Mystikal has been a YMCMB member and plans on making his debut with the label in June, with an album titled “Origianl.” The rapper best known for his wild antics and the “Shake Ya A**” video has been working on the album since 2010, and it consists of a few top notch artists. Drop down bottom to see who Mystikal will be working with.

JaaiR (JR)

*Features will include feature Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Future, Busta Rhymes and plenty others.

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