Justin Bieber is the new heartthrob and I thought since many girls are in love with him, he’d have no problem baggin’ chicks. He’s dated Selena Gomez and has rumored to be with a Victoria Secret model and some random chick since he stepped onto the scene. Now, he’s single and clearly ready to mingle. Details about how he gets girls have now been released and it seems like the singer has NO game and uses his money to get women under his sheets. SMH, poor Justin! Maybe he can take some tips from his mentor, Usher, or maybe his weed partner Lil Twist will be able to help him step up his game? Find out how he gets the girl below.

Julie A.

Justin uses his money, car, and huge home to get some chicks. According to a source, Biebs takes the girls for a ride in one of his cars, takes her back to his HUGE home, makes her a drink in his bedroom bar, and then makes his move. I mean he does have a huge house and Ferarri and a Fisker Karma to take the girls for a ride in, but I didn’t think the same dude who was rumored to be cheating on Selena Gomez with Rihanna would need to flex his money like that to bag some chicks.