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1157p pst: Authorities Officially remove Chard Remains From the cabin, Investigators say they will Identify through a series of foresnsic tests.

1016p pst: Dorner believed to have been Found DEAD!!! It’s Over!!! It Still May Be Hours Before They ID the Body, But Police Are Positive It’s Him.

600p pst: Most News Is Now Covering SOTU, We Will Update You As Soon As We Hear Breaking News!!!

544p pst: Police Have Opened Hwy 38, main Road to Cabin, that Has Been In Lock Down All Afternoon, only open to residents and Media

540p pst: Police Are clearing road to let firefighters in, Could Mean Danger has passed…They Don’t know if Dorner is In House or Not

538p pst: Fire starting to smolder out…Police will use Night Vision and infrared in Area

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536p pst: ABC reports Law Enforcement says They Did NOT See anyone trying to Leave

531p pst: Officials Don’t know If Dorner is In a Crawlspace or basement while Fire in and around Cabin Burns

527p pst: Sheriff’s dept says they are planning for a long night…Cabin Continues to Burn

523p pst: Officials want to bring in lighting before it gets dark

521p pst More Shots Fired, Dorner tried to leave(Back Door) House Cops Pushed Him Back In

503p pst: Police dogs being Flown in

501p pst: Swat Vehicle Being Used to Break Down Cabin Walls

454p pst: Fire Looks like it won’t die anytime soon, Officials say they will let it burn out, fire fighters there to make sure fire doesn’t spread to the trees…they don’t know if Dorner is Dead or Alive

449p pst: Media says a Tremendous Amount Of Law Enforcement in Place, Ready to go

445p pst: Fire Truck Headed to Cabin

438p pst: Once the Fire Started, a single gunshot was heard inside the cabin, then Fire picked up and Ammo went off….law enforcement getting ready to go in

432p pst: Special Weapons Team Has The Cabin Surrounded…Tear Gas Were “Flash Bangs”

430p pst: Other Injured Officer Will Be OK

427p pst: Tear Gas Could have Started Fire…After Gunshot heard inside the House

424p pst: “Incident Still unfolding” Official Statement…No Info About Deputies Is Being Released, other than Death Confirms…Gun Battle Going On At Cabin, Cabin Contained, Cops Say He Will Not Get Away.

422p pst: Police Confirm Cops Death, Media Hears Shots coming From Cabin

418p pst: House May Be On Fire…puff of smoke spotted(Heavy Black Smoke), not sure if Dorner Started fire or Police

414p pst: 2 Women kept hostage were a maid and her Daughter, He tied them up, Did Not Hurt them, and Stole their car…2 Women are ok, and still being debriefed(Womens Family Interviewed)

409p pst: Officers Open Road To Mountain(HWY 330, but 38 still closed), armed searched has Stopped…Something Could Have Happened!!

407P pst Hopital confirms 2 cops were San Bernardino County Officers….Hospital Official Says “It Is a Sad Day”, But will Not confirm Cops Death.

402p pst: Restrictions Lifted On Hwy 18

351p pst: 1 of the Cops Shot Dies From Gun Battle Ealier(Unconfirmed)

350p pst: SWAT Teams Searching Every Vehicle Trying To Leave Area

338P pst: Officer That Was Killed Will Have Funeral Tomorrow Morning

333p pst: Helicopters that took injured Cops to Hospital Went Back to Scene In Case Other Injuries Occur

327p pst: Schools In Area Still on Lock down….Massive Law Enforcement Still Pouring into the Area…Every Car Being Search leaving Mountain, No One Let In, traffic

319p pst: Cops Not Sure If Dorner Was Hit In Gun fight

317p pst: Media Says “Its An Amazing Presence Of Law Enforcement”….

313p pst: Dorner 1st exchanged gunfire with Fish And Gaming Officers…Then Later exchanged More Gunfire with San Bernadino Officers(which were the ones Hit)

312P pst: 2 injured Cops Taking to a Trauma 1 Level Hosptal(San Bernadino)…Hospital Will update any moment

304P pst: Cops Giving Update Now….Not A lot of Info Yet….Won’t Even Confirm It’s Him…Cops Say to Dorner “Please Surrender Yourself so no one else Gets hurt”

251P pst: Cops Say he is surrounded by Local, State, & Federal Officials, and Will Not Escape!!! Chief Bratton Says He’s Nothing More Than A Murderer!!!

243P pst: Cops Say He May Be Holding Couple Hostage

237p pst Dorner has possibly 30+ weapons… Cops checking every vehicle leaving area

230p pst: 2 Cops air lifted, no word on how injured they are….Law Enforcement From All Areas Around Are Assisting.

228P: LAPD Waiting to tell News they won’t confirm what’s happening until they talk to cops on ground

225P pst: Reporters are being kept 2 1/2 miles from Location

223p pst: He has been Help Up in the same location Last Few Days!!

221p pst: SWAT Team Gearing Up….2 Officers Will be Air Lifted, No one else Hit Right Now

216p pst: Live Video On Scene

2010P pst Lockdown Lifted

204P pst: Helicopter view

ID of Slain Cop Released

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Via TMZ:

Murder suspect/ex-cop Christopher Dorner is now cornered by cops … law enforcement sources tell TMZ … and we’re now told Dorner is using smoke grenades to fend off police.

We’re also hearing there are 2 officers down.

One source directly involved in the case tells TMZ, “We have him cornered.”   This comes after a couple were the victims of a home invasion robbery in Big Bear.  The suspect fled in a white Dodge pickup truck and a State Fish and Game ranger fired on the vehicle.

Cops believe they are now poised to get their man.  We’re told a perimeter has been established by cops.

Story developing.


1:35 PM PT — Cops involved in the gun battle are screaming at a local reporter at the scene to “get the f**k out.”

Cops have repeatedly cussed at the reporter — demanding that he leave for his own good.

1:48 PM PT — There seems to be a lull in the gun fire. Cops have also confirmed two deputies were shot by the suspect — the extent of their injuries are unclear.