IFWT_Christopher Dorner

Those damn loopholes. They’re helpful and hurtful at the same time and in this instance…may piss off a couple people looking for a payday. There were 3 rewards announced for the capture of “cop killer” Chris Dorner, one for a whopping $1 million and two for $100,000 each. Unfortunately, the wording may prevent handful of people instrumental in his capture from collecting on this. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

The Mayor of L.A. had the $1 million reward, and this was if you lead to the “capture and conviction” of Chris. Unfortunately, Chris can’t be convicted. Same thing with the L.A. City Council’s $100,000 reward foe information with “the identification, apprehension, and conviction” of him. The third was from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors for a $100,000 reward for information “leading to the capture of Christopher Dorner,” and technically…”Dorner was cornered but not captured.”

Sheesh! City Council sources tell TMZ there’s already a disagreement between the Legislative Analyst and the City Attorney over how to interpret the reward language.

They better get those people their money! SMH!