Yandy Smith & Mandeecees Harris

Love & Hip-Hop star Yandy Smith was put under the microscope by fans and media these last few weeks, as her boyfriend/child’s father Mandeecees Harris went to trial for quite a horrible accusation. He was facing charges for allegedly engaging in sexual activity in 2011 with the 15-year-old daughter of his then-girlfriend. Imagine having the man you love accused of something like that? AND not really knowing the truth? THAT has got to be difficult! Thankfully for the couple (who just welcomed a son months ago), Mandeecees was found NOT GUILTY. After the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Yandy decided to write an open letter to her supporters, thanking them for standing by her side and explaining why she was so mum on the topic until now. See what she had to say below.

Marisa Mendez

To My Supporters,

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest days, hours, and minutes of my life. I found myself torn between a man that I know and love, and an accusation that makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped and prayed that someone I loved so dearly could not be guilty of such a disgusting and shameful act… I hoped, but I did NOT assume.

I chose to stay silent until I was able to hear both sides of the stories and form my own opinion. I went to court every single day; I listened intently to the case from both sides ready to face whatever truth was revealed.

In the end, the truth is Mendeecees Harris may be many things, but he is NOT guilty of the heinous accusations made against him. I won’t get into much detail because at the other side of this is a young woman that regardless of the outcome, remains broken. I pray that she is able to move past this and realize her full potential and I pray that the world is able to accept that in this case justice was served.