We all knew last year that Dwight Howard wanted to fly out of Orlando and land in Brooklyn, with the new look Nets. Instead he was traded to the L.A. Lakers, and so far that has been a disaster. The constant bickering with Kobe, the underachieving team and the negative coverage from the media clearly has Dwight not feeling it. But is Howard scheming on something? Read after the jump to see what he has been telling players on other teams.


According to Stephen A. Smith:

Now, anyone who follows the NBA, knows Stephen A Smith is a very reliable source for information and has good relationships with many players. According to him, Dwight Howard recently told Rudy Gay on the court that “he should’ve waited to get traded to the Raptors because he could’ve joined him in Brooklyn next season”. Whoa, if this is true I wonder how the Lakers organization is feeling right now. Do they still think they can sign him to a long term deal after the season? Or is this just going to be a 1 year rental. And should Howard really be telling that to other players in the NBA? Broooooklyn..Broooooklyn!