Well, we may not be getting rid of the penny at this moment, however the issue has been bought to the attention of President Obama. During a “Fireside Chat” a participant wanted to know why was the penny still being produced. Obama thinks that the zinc/copper material that takes 2.41 cents to produce and distribute is useless as well, but it’s something that “everyone” in use to and it would be somewhat odd to get rid of it right now. He has to worry about the BIGGER wrongs in the world before he can get to the smaller ones. Drop down bottom for his full response on the issue.

JaaiR (JR)

Obama response: “I gotta tell you… I don’t know. It’s one of those things where I think people get attached emotionally to the way things have been. We remember our piggy banks and counting up all our pennies and then taking them in and getting a dollar bill or a couple of dollars from them, and maybe that’s the reason why people haven’t gotten around to it.”

I say keep the penny. What’s going to happen when something is eight cents and you only have a dime. Just a thought. How will you get your change back?

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