Forest Whitaker is blasting the NYC deli that accused him of stealing. While he was in the city, the famous actor headed to Milano Market on the Upper East Side on Friday. Upon leaving the deli, Whitaker said that he was stopped and frisked by an employee who accused him of stealing something from the shelves. Obviously the multimillionaire actor didn’t take anything from the deli but blasted the employee before he left and with good cause! Read more below.

Julie A.

The employee frisked the actor on his way out of the deli and humiliated him in front of other patrons and bystanders. The employee of the deli had no real reason to believe that Forest swiped anything from the shelf. The actor’s rep released a statement saying no legal action will be taken against the deli but the actor won’t be going there again. So far, the deli has yet to respond according to TMZ.