You know these kinds of people come out of the woods once you make a name for yourself, but apparently this guy is a little bit crazy since Jeezy doesn’t even know him.
Demetrius Ellerbee is suing Young Jeezy for $5MiL claiming that he assisted with the release of multiple mixtapes together, executive producing Jeezy’s Def Jam studio albums, and some other allegations. Demetrius says that him and the “Thug Motivation” rapper have known each other since 1995 and that they are even “best friends.” Jeezy says he’s never even met the dude.
How can you forget your best friend? One of the two are lying for sure. Why is this dude in Jeezy’s “A Hustlerz Ambition” documentary (around the 26min mark) if he doesn’t know him? Drop down bottom and scoop this out.

JaaiR (JR)

This case is still pending.

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