Missed last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Or just keep hearing about the hype and you think it’s about time to check it out? Either way, here’s the FULL episode of Season 3, Episode 10 called “Home.” Yes, the show is amazing & if you haven’t been keeping up or haven’t even check it out, you’re missing out! We also have the complete recap of Sunday’s episode after the jump below! Check out the gallery of pics from the exciting Walking Dead episode from last night & check back next week for more!

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“Daryl and Merle argue within the woodland. Daryl consider for a lifetime to get back again to the jail, yet Merle states the Governor will almost certainly killing anyone presently there.

Glenn creates an executive choice to secure the prison up against to the Governor, even with Hershel’s advice that they can runaway. Glenn enroll Carl to check out exactly where Tyreese and his group located their way inside. The Governor talks to Milton in his research laboratory. He requests in the event that he is able to still depend on Milton’s commitment. Milton comfort the Governor, who requests him to keep an eye of Andrea.

Later on, Andrea asks Milton to the Governor’s place. Milton avoids her concerns. Again in the prison, Glenn as well as Carl notify the group the boiler room can be overrun along with walkers once more. Hershel yet again suggests a getaway, but Glenn ignores him and claims he and Maggie go towards the far part of the jail to find the breach.

Glenn discovers Maggie alone in her cellphone. He demands they will discuss her encounter with the Governor, along with requests when she was raped.

Inside the square, Denise and also Axel chitchat. Out of the blue, a new topic strikes Axel in the mind, eliminating him immediately. The Governor, stationed with the treeline, brings down their rifle. Rick’s group runs for cover because Governor with his fantastic men attack. Shooting blows up for both parties. The breads pickup comes crashing from the jail entrance along with stops from the backyard. The Governor huge smiles because the back door unwraps and also the walkers steady stream away. The Governor drives off because the survivors have a problem with the dead.

Beyond the fence, Rick is actually surrounded by walkers, such as planning to bite and chew him. All of a sudden, a crossbow bolt tears apart its forehead. It is Daryl and also Merle. Jointly, they eliminate the rest of walkers away from the fence. For a few seconds safe, Rick stares desperately to the jail yard and crowding with the walkers.”