Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

Looks like there was a false alarm yesterday! After Wiz Khalifa posted a picture of a fetal monitor with the caption, “Coming soon,” many (including us at IFWT) thought this meant that Amber was finally in labor! The model had been pregnant for what seemed like an eternity, and considering her due date was/is February 24th, baby WizBud seemed right on time! However, looks like we all got a bit too excited! No baby for Wiz and Amb just yet! Coming back from the Twitter hiatus she’d imposed upon herself to prepare for the baby in the early hours of Valentine’s Day, Amber cleared up the rumors, clarifying that it was simply a doctor’s appointment and that their little chicken nugget is “still cooking.” Her lingo is too cute! You can read her full statement in the gallery. Tell the little guy to hurry up already! We’re anxious!

Marisa Mendez