The new Blackberry BB10 devices are getting off to a bad start. Analysts thought Blackberry would do great in the first qtr but things changed when rumors swirled that Samsung would be launching their Galaxy SIV in March. Some thought they would launch around April or May, being launched so early will hurt the BB10 device since the SIII was a great success. Analysts said they thought the BB10 device would sell 1.75 million but now they changed their estimates to about 300k. Ouch!!

“Our global surveys post the recent BlackBerry Z10 launch indicated mixed initial sales with limited initial supply cited as the reason for early post-launch stock-outs at some carrier stores rather than overwhelming demand,” Walkley wrote in a note to investors. “Our follow-up checks have indicated steady but modest sales levels. With new BB10 smartphones launching in the U.S. only in mid-March or later at subsidized prices no better than competing high-end Apple/Samsung smartphones, combined with our expectations for the Galaxy S IV to launch at a similar time frame in the US market, we are lowering our BB10 sales estimates for the February quarter and all of F2014.”

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA