I can’t say I’m surprised a reporter asked … I am surprised that it wasn’t asked sooner. It’s sad that Chris Bosh has to be put through this, but people want to know so it’s the reporters job to ask. It really is none of our business what happens in an athlete’s private life, but curiosity seems to get the best of us (shame on us *as I bow my head*).
Check out what happened when Bosh was asked about the Lil Wayne drama


According to BSO:

For his part, Chris Bosh has taken the high road and not responded to anything said about his wife Adrienne as people from her past have been coming out of the woodwork. Earlier today, Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that teammate Rashard Lewis stepped in on Bosh’s behalf when reporters started in on the Lil Wayne questioning.

“This is about basketball.”

Solid defense. Don’t think any reporter who covers the team day to day would follow up after a guy says that.