IFWT_Envy Erica

News broke today that Erica Mena from Love & Hip Hop dated married  personality DJ Envy.  We spoke with an inside source close to the situation that had ALL kinds of information of what the relationship REALLY was!!!  Hit the jump to find out all the juicy details….



Let’s start with the fact that Erica Mena is NOT a home wrecker.  She was with him for 3 years had NO idea that he was married … until recently.   He was pretty much living a double life and lied for years.
Ok, now let’s go from the beginning.  Once upon a time….

Erica Mena and DJ Envy allegedly met through Lady L (Murder Mami’s).   Erica is friends Lady L and Lady L used to book DJ Envy for gigs in Miami.  Erica lived in LA and Miami at the time.  She met Envy shortly after dating her ex Raul from the Terror Squad. Envy used to take Erica on all kinds of trips with him and paid for EVERYTHING. The two had a what she thought was REAL relationship.  She thought that they were exclusive. They talked everyday – numerous times a day and if they weren’t talking/texting on the phone – they were TOGETHER.

So my first question was how in 3 years did she not know  he was married?!  Envy was good to her & used to buy her all kinds of nice things — items from Louis Vuitton, Burkin, Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti and more.  He also bought her jewelry and some nice days at the spa (just what every girl wants). She was spoiled by him.  She even got to drive his nice whips around NY/NJ including pushing his 4-door white Porsche.  At one point Erica was ringing up so much stuff on his credit card that the credit card company thought it was fraud and called Envy’s wife to verify the charges – she then called him while he was at the hotel WITH Erica!
When Erica came to visit NY before she moved here, he used to get her a nice posh hotel room one block from the station that he works at.  Very convenient right?!

They seemed like the perfect happy couple…until she moved to New York.  She finally found out that he was married.  How?! By her sister doing something simple…using Google (Ladies, Google is your friend – make use of it). Her sister happened to google Envy to find out some information about him and that’s when she found out that he was married and let Erica know asap.  Erica was shocked and from that point on stopped having sex with him and had to end it.

Apparently around the same time, Envy’s wife found out about Erica as well.  How you ask again?!  By doing something so dumb.  C’mon fellas, if you’re going to do dirt – you have to be smarter than this!!! Envy’s wife found pics of Erica in his phone.  ALL kinds of pictures *ahem ahem*!!!

Wait, it gets even better…

Envy was not happy that Erica didn’t want to be with him anymore, but was forced to accept it.  When Envy heard the news that Erica and Rich Dollaz were engaged he called her to confirm the news and once he knew that it was real he went ON AIR that same day looking crazy and apologized to his wife for everything.  He put his business out there and apologized for not treating her right, for not appreciating her and he was going to make it up to her (yeah homie, get on your knees and beg).

Apparently though, Envy was not the only one being a dirty dog!  His wife allegedly was have an affair as well.  Say whaaaaat?!  She was getting down with a wealthy young man from Jersey.  Yep!
AND not only was Envy cheating on his wife with just Erica – he had a few others he was being thirsty with: Maria Millions, Dollicia Bryan, Curvy J & has a past with Gloria Velez….just to name a few.

But of course Envy is no stranger to family issues because he likes to talk about Flex’s family issues on his show.  This is Karma ladies and gents at it’s best!  I’m sure Erica Mena’s new book will be very juicy!!!  And let’s not forget to mention her single is in stores now!