I am sure you have witnessed enough Harlem Shake videos to last two lifetimes. Some don’t share the humor in the latest viral craze and have gone as far as locking up people for HARLEM SHAKING!!! To witness what led to the arrest of a group of dancers and the best Harlem Shake video, in my opinion, hit the jump.


Okay, so be very cautious because you are about to witness high criminal activity. #sarcasmvoice
Four pharmaceutical students in Egypt were arrested Saturday for filming themselves PUBLICALLY Dancing….. in their underwear. You already know how it went down but I’ll describe it for you. Pelvic thrusting, and near naked guys danced to a song instructed them to shake in front of middle class residents of a neighborhood in Cairo.

This is where the madness happens. An audience surrounded the students and tried to beat that azz. Apparently, in Cairo, you can catch a Worldstar beat down for doing the Harlem Shake or what they’d call “a scandalous act”. They don’t play with public indecency in Cairo. No acting stupid in public. For that reason, the video of this group’s Harlem Shake effort didn’t make the web. Maybe it will be on Worldstar soon but peep another group from Egypt doing their shake while riding camels.