You might hate her. You might love her. But would you love her Pink & Black Cadillac Escalade? Better yet, would you want to own it? Now that she had her baby, she probably realized there is no need for a Escalade EXT with her having a new born. Snooki is pretty caked up, so I am sure she doesn’t need the money for diapers and baby formula. She currently has the truck listed on Ebay with a current bid of $40,100. She even signed the hood. ( Is that supposed to make it more valuable or something? ) Depending who you ask, the autograph might of lowered the value of this ride lol. Anyway, the truck is in pretty mint condition since she barely drove it. But still, pink & black with snakeskin design on it pretty much limits the amount of people who would be interested. I am however 100% certain someone will pay for this. Check out the images in the gallery after the jump.