Chad Johnson loves the Matte look on his rides. He already did it with his smart car and his Rolls Royce. Now he is back at it again with his brand new Range Rover. Chad definitely was one of the lucky people to put a deposit down on the new Range because he got his already and there is a 6 month to a year waiting list in the U.S. for the new Range. Me personally I love the Matte look on this Range. Some rides it doesn’t go well but this looks like a perfect match. He posted the pics of the ride on his Instagram with the captions “”I hate cheating on my Smart Car but the ass on “Lady Bug Jones” forced me to purchase.” He also added “@theautofirm #alexvega Tint my windows I’d like to drive this weekend.” The second comment was directed at auto firm which is the company finishing off the look. You already know what I think, so let us know who you feel. Check out the images in the gallery and then take the poll after the jump. Hate it or Love it!


Hate It Or Love It: Chad Johnson \”Matte\” Range
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