Embarrassing..Embarrassing. That is the only way the cops in this video can feel. It is bad enough when you try to corner a suspect and he gets away. It is even worse though when the police have a camera crew similar to the show “Cops” that films the entire event! They tried to stop a drug suspect in his minivan and all hell broke lose. The driver was not going easy and showed off his driving skills by actually being able to get from the officers by driving on the sidewalk and in between cars. After a little investigating, come to find out he literally got away! You will see in the video after the jump how he gets away from the initial arrest, but after checking online for the full story I was able to find out police lost him completely! Once he was able to speed away he never stopped and vanished. Can’t hate on him though. The police did a terrible job of trying to stop him to begin with. Check out the clip after the jump.