This dude deserves to be more than fired. He deserves to get his a** kicked!! This dirtbag that is supposed to help people during snow storms decided he wanted to make people’s life even worse after a brutal blizzard that crippled parts of New England. This driver who works in the Boston area, which you can hear in his accent, posted a video of himself to youtube showing him actually burying cars under snow on purpose and even pushing snow into a driveway that someone was shoveling, again on purpose!! He even has the nerve to brag about it during his profanity laced tirade. Well at the end of the day he showed how truly dumb he is. The same video he posted to youtube is the same video that got his a** fired!! The news in the area even picked up the story. Thankfully he is no longer in the position to hurt people who need help, but just goes to show you the type of people we share this world with, SMH. Check out his video after the jump and also the news report.