Early this week Forbes lowered it expectations of Apple as a valuable company, now Needam & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf lowered his price target from $750 to $710, citing a slowdown in iPhone sales since the sales of the mobiel device have slowed up over the last 6 months. The reason for the fall, Charlie Wolf sites that “the value of the iPad fell $11.83 or 10.8% to $98.11 chiefly because of the introduction of the iPad mini, which has a much lower gross margin that the full-sized iPad.” With the new release of the Galaxy SIV things might get worst for Apple. Apple faithful and loyalist could jump ship in favor of an android device. Analysts are worried that Apple growth has slowed because of the lack of innovation and the pace the late Steve Jobs set for the company cant be met currently, because Apple are repacking and retooling the same products with little improvements here and there.“The value of the iPhone fell $14.56 or 4.5% to $308.64 because of our assumption that the iPhone’s worldwide share would stabilize at 20% rather than 22% as before,” the analyst wrote in a note to clients picked up by Fortune.


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