I say DO IT !!! Nancy, Christopher Dorner’s – the cop killer who was on the run from law enforcement for days – mother is asked by a few family members to sue the LAPD for the death of her son. “Associates of the family have contacted several prominent civil litigation lawyers, specializing in suing the LAPD, to explore the possibility of pursuing legal action,” says a source in the family. Despite the fact that she hasn’t met with any attorneys yet, has not taken the idea out of her head. Nancy is still considering (she has two years after her son’s death to make that decision). The family feels as though, had the LAPD not terminated Dorner, then he would still be alive today. The LAPD’s Chief, Charlie Beck announced that he was launching a new investigation into the termination of Dorner in order to be as transparent as possible with the community over how it was handled. NOW, he wants to make all things right. Why wasn’t a clear and cut investigation done before hand? COVER-UPS! Drop down bottom for more response from the family.

JaaiR (JR)

“Nancy feels the time to have done that has long since passed,” the source says. “She’s being told the only way there will be any real transparency is if she files a lawsuit against the LAPD, which would force the department to turn over all aspects of her son’s personnel file as part of discovery — including ALL aspects of the new investigation. You tell me what this looks like.

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