We all know both Google and Apple is looking to get into the music stream business but it looks like the music business is looking to open it arms with Google and not Apple. As Apple has been working on a deal with the major music labels for sometime now. Music exces are saying with Google entering the streaming business will be a welcomed change. Are the record labels tired of Apple and its dominance in the music biz? When Google does launch its music service its said the service will mirror and compete against Spotify. “Google is a massive organisation with the many parts it operates, such as the search business and the device business and the music business with respect to YouTube and streaming,” he said. “Like all search engines, there is a problem; we’re asking all search engines to prioritize legal services. We know that search engines are a primary route for consumers to be able to find music and hope all search engines will implement those changes.”

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA