Our Friends at Gamertagradio got an Exclusive interview with the Incredible Hacker that has LEAKED both NEW Xbox Durango Connect, AND PS4 images that have Hit the net like Crazy!! And without further ado Please Hit the Jump to Heat the Dramatic Story for yourself!!

Tat Wza
I say Dramatic because apparently he was working With Microsoft, when he got Raided(FBI) for leaking the images, And He claims Microsofts Name is On the Warrant, CRAZY!! But they get into Some really Good Xbox Talk, and Hacker Lingo….Also How Much They Took From Him(20k in Equip)To Me Super DOPE, BIG SHOUT To The Homies Godfree & Pete Rocc, DOPE Interview Guys!!!

BONUS Podcast From Gamertag(These Guys Are On their GRIND!!!!):

Source: GamertagRadio