Smartphones Best Selfie
Super Big Shout Out to 40oz Van, Besides some of the Best Hats to come out of NYC, He also has a Super Dope Tumblr page, Actually one of the Best On Tumblr!!! SO as I looked over the Tumblr, I see a bevy of Smartphone taken Mirror Pics, So why Not Spotlight What phone’s the ladies Love to take ‘Selfies’ With!! Hit the Gallery, See how good these camera’s are…Well Really see how well you see what you Really want to see 0_0

Once again, you can Thank Me later; Tat Wza

I can say, there is a blackberry (Fuzzy)pic, and an iPad pic, And at least 1 Andriod Device(I think a GSIII) But Mostly iPhone Pics, and going through this gallery, you can see the clarity, AND the reason Why iPhone Wins Our ‘Best Selfie Award’, If it really existed!!!