I am going to need you all to keep up with me…Chandrea Nicholls, Rich Dollaz’s baby mother (you know, the one that got him arrested for child support) is allegedly involved in some fruad and a possible murder on a high school basketball coach. Nicholls was dating McKenzy Sewell a 22-year-old when he decided that he wanted to attend Ridgeway High School in Tennessee to play basketball. Apparently, Nicholls falsified documents in order for her man to get involved in the activities (he already had a GED). Fishy, Fishy, FISHY…he should have taken his a** to the YMCA for adult b-ball. When the school found out that the grown man was not a high school kid, they put a stop to it ASAP, but here is the thing…Jimmy McClain, the team’s coach turned up dead. He was found in his Cordova home after being MIA for a few days. Now, McClain had recently filed for a divorce, but it looks as if the wife wouldn’t have had to pay ANYTHING out of her pocket, so suspicion is on Sewell – who has ties to a street gang. Want to know who blew the whistle (no pun intended)…Nicholls. She found out that Sewell was having a sideline relationship with a 17-year-old. This story is movie material in so many ways. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

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