IFWT_LeBron KD 2

I’d LOVE to see Kevin Durant, LeBron James & Blake Griffin all compete in the dunk contest!  How dope would that be?! Keep dreaming, I know.
Well Kevin Durant added some fuel to Magic’s fire by saying he would also throw in some money to see LeBron in the dunk contest…and it’s not only him. One of my favorites Michael Wilbon along with Skip Bayless both said they are contributing as well!
Oh Bron, pull up your big girl panties and just do it. Get it over with and you’ll never have to hear about all this again! Check out what KD & the guys are adding to Magic Johnson’s $1 million offer.


Via desmoinesregister:

At halftime of the Heat-Knicks game, Johnson interviewed Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who said he’d pledge $1,000 and then in the studio, former columnist Michael Wilbon said he’d match Durant’s $1,000.


This morning on First Take Skip who has been on this LeBron needs to dunk campaign for a long time said he would also donate $2,000.

ok Bron – you’re turn!