Chris Brown

Uh-oh! Looks like Chris Brown just started up more drama, but now it’s involving someone within his team. After Chris’ refueled his private jet in Bermuda, him and his bodyguard Big Pat got into an INTENSE fight. Chris was so mad, that he didn’t let Big Pat on the plane and decided to ditch him there completely. Crazy! Click below fore more details involving the situation.

Chris Brown got in a huge fight with his security guard Big Pat. Their fight was so huge that Pat was left in Bermuda! Craziness! Big Pat has gone through a lot with Chris, always there for Chris when he’s in time of need, even bled for him during his fight with Drake&Meek. No word on what the fight was over, but once we find out we will let you know! Hopefully they will make up soon and all will be good. What do you think it was about? Let us know in the comments section below.