Must be nice to have that kind of money! C’mon Nate – wearing Air Yeezy IIs during a game?! Even if he didn’t pay for them, their worth is crazy for a pair of sneakers. The retail value of the kicks are $250, but as sneakerheads will tell you – the demand for the Yeezy’s are so high that they sell for about $2,000. So what happened when Nate decided to rock the Yeezy IIs last night DURING the game?! Find out after the jump…

GameTimeGirl & DJJuanyto


Via CSNChicago:

As posted on Twitter by injured teammate Taj Gibson (Tweet & photo above in gallery), Robinson began the game wearing a pair of unique sneakers, at least for an NBA player: Nike Air Yeezy 2’s, designed by Chicago rapper Kanye West.

The shoes, which retail for over $2,000, were a diversion from his usual Air Jordans, but Robinson ditched them for a pair of the Bulls legend’s signature sneakers midway through the first quarter.

“It didn’t help any. Trying something different, I guess,” Robinson told CSNChicago.com. “I’ve worn them a few times [off the court]. I’ve got a couple pairs of them…it was a little slippery [on the court]. I had to take them off.”

Thibodeau, however, was more concerned with Robinson’s tendency to get carried away with launching deep shots after he made a few, which resulted in a 3-for-13 evening from the field.


Via Deadspin:

Robinson found this out the hard way, and swapped his Yeezys for a pair of Jordans after going 1-8 from the field in the first quarter. We’re pretty sure this is the last time we’ll see a pair of Yeezys on an NBA court, but we salute Robinson for his boldness.