IFWT_MaduroWhen Hugo Chavez died a leadership void became very clear in Venezuela, where Chavez was enforcing a socialist inspired agenda. The country has now solidified their leadership by swearing in Nicolas Maduro as acting President, however in doing so they may have distanced themselves from the United States. Maduro has vowed to continue the socialist agenda of Chavez, but took it even further to say some strong things about the USA. I don’t think the first order of business when you get sworn in is to point fingers is the smartest way to go about things, but in time we will see if this guy can really run a country. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

“I swear by the most absolute loyalty to comrade Hugo Chavez that we will fulfill and see that it’s fulfilled the constitution … with the iron fist of a people ready to be free,” Maduro said in regards to his plan to follow on Chavez’ path for the country. Maduro also made accusations that the US was responsible for the late Presidents Cancer.
“We tell them: Sooner than later, the imperialist elites who govern the United States will have to learn to live with absolute respect with the insurrectional people of the … Latin and Caribbean America.”

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